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Ladakh Tour

-| Padum - Lamayuru Tour | -

: 10 Days / 09 Nights

Padum, Ladakh Vacations
Its reputation is well established and well deserved .It is perhaps the hardest route because of the great number of ups and downs. . Since August 1984 , there are no longer any difficult river crossings on this route. The best period is from the mid-June to October. Allow 10 days.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01
: Padum - Karsha , 3-4hrs.
From Padum , head towards Pipiting , then a dusty plain towards the Doda river. A new bridge built in 1984 across the Doda , then climb towards Karsha . Hotel at the entrance of the village . Beautiful Gelupa monastery dates from the XVth century.

Day 02 : Karsha - Pishu , 5hrs.
Easy stretch on the often hot and dusty bank of the Zanskar river . Above Rinam , small stream and shelter formed by the rocks. Before Pishu , make a little detour to see the longest hanging bridge over the Zanskar(55km). It leads to Zangla .{From Zangla , a trail goes to Padum via Tsazar and Thongde.} Attractive campsite below the village of Pishu.

Day 03 : Pishu - Hanumil , 5hrs.
Continue left bank. Easy going sometimes along the river , sometime across the morainic plateau. A bridge before Pidmo , then another 2 hrs until Hanumil . Very good campsite 100 metres past the 2 houses.

Day 04 : Hanumil - Parfi-La Snertse , 6hrs.
Still on a good and easy path . ¾ hours beyond Hanumil , small stream on the left. Take on a supply of water. The paths leads away from the edge of the Zanskar , up to the plateau , then to the foot of the pass. Steep and difficult climb for the animals as far as the Parfi-La (3900m , 4hrs).Rather steep descent until reaching the Oma -Chu river. Good bridge , then up a 500 metre sandy slope. Wonderful lookout. Then along the slope as far as the sheepfolds of Snertse (tent-restaurant).

Day 05 : Snertse -Hanuma-La -Langshed , Photoksar, Ladakh Travel Holidays7hrs.
Long gradual ascent towards the Hanuma-La. Through gorges first , then easier .After 2 hrs , pass a sheepfold (sometimes milk for sale ).A further 2.5hrs to reach the summit of the Hanuma-La(4700m).A 1000 metre steep descent , then a 300metre climb along the mountain side. From this small pass ,easy descent towards Lingshed (about 3800m).Campsite near the monastery (Gelupa). Tent -restaurant.

Day 06 : Ling shed - foot of the Sengge -La , 6hrs.
Easy climb of 3/4hours to 1hrs up to the Murgum-La (4100m).Continue climbing , pass an escarpment then go along the slope.Wonderful landscape , view of the valley of Nierag , on the other bank of Zanskar . Gentle descent towards the villages of Gongma (3840m) and Skiumpata . Then climb gradually along the mountside upto the foot of the Sengge-La (tent-restaurant run by a monk in Ling shed ).

Day 07 : Foot of the Sengge-La - Photoksar , 7 hrs.
Rather steep climb to the Sengge-La taking from 1.5hrs to 2hrs (5000m) , then a short slope leads into a broad valley.Easy going (one Ford ) then gentle climb towards the Bumiktse -La (4200m) , beautiful view .Descent towards Photksar (3750m) , splendid village at the base of huge mountain walls. Abandoned gompa 20 minutes away above the village.

Day 08 : Photoksar -Sirsir-La-Hanupatta , 6hrs.
Lamayaru, Ladakh Travel PackagesFrom the village , gentle climb up to a large chorten ( 1hrs.), then long ascent of the Sirsir-La . The last third is steep. Pass is situated at 4800m.Easy descent to the river.Cross onto the left bank (bridge). {From there , a path leads up to the Sniugutse-La(5000m) reaching Shilla and Lamayuru without going through Hanupatta , many easy fords ( 3days ).} Then , long descent into a stony valley. Good campsite a short distance before the village of Hanupatta.

Day 09 : Hanupatta -Wanla , 5hrs.
From Hanupatta , continue across the slope until entering the gorges .Since August 1984 , a new path cut into the rocks avoids the difficult fords. At the junction of the rivers , chorten and religious banners on a flat. Pass a ridge , then go down until reaching a good bridge across the Yapola. Then , some easy , some difficult stretches (fallen rocks ) until Phenjilla (3hrs). A little beyond the village , cross again onto the left bank (bridge ). Then on a flat to Wanla .Beautiful gompa.

Day 10 : Wanla - Lamayuru, 3hrs.
Go up the Shillakong along the right bank , cross it (bridge ) , then arrive in Shilla .Pass the village , go to a broad chorten then follow a narrow and dry gorge as far as the Prinkiti-La (3726m). Easy descent , then pass an ecarpment. Cross the river and go towards the village of Lamayuru. Short climb towards the monastery which is the most photographed in Ladakh.

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