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-| Jaipur Tour | -

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur Travel HolidaysJaipur, the cpaital of Rajasthan also famous as "Pink City" makes up the third corner of the "Golden Traingle" the Indian Toursim Map. It is situated 300 km southwest of Delhi and 200 km west of Agra. "The Pink City" actually denotes the old walled quarter of the city only that houses major tourist spots including Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Observatory as well as the orderly streets are lined with bright pink colours shops, where one can buy the traditional art & crafts as well as embridered clothes etc.

The major landmarks of Jaipur are -

In fort each quarter of the pink city is centre of a particular commercial activity.For example, tripolio bazar sells textile and household utential whereas for gems,ties and dyed saries onle has to go th Johari Bazar. Hawa Mahal is Jaipur's most famous landmark with its exquisite honey comb pink and white five storeyed facade, finely screened 593 windows complete this beautiful facade which is hardly more than one room thick from inside. It was build in 1799 to facilitate the ladies of the court to watch the market actvities and provisions without breaking the state of purdah.

This magnificant palace was buils by Raja Jai Singh and was the residence of the former rulars. In fact part of the palace is still being used as residence by the prsent generation of the erstwhile royal family. For touist, it is open as "Sawai Mansingh Museum".

The first curtyard of the palace has solid marble "Mubarak Mahal" in its centre.This beautiful palace boasts display of the elegant and exquisitely embroidered clothes worn by the kings and queens of the fort.Musical instruments of the bygone era are also display the building next to Mubarak Mahal houses the royal arrival. Second courtyard opens upto Diwan-i-khas.This hall contains two silver ........, This largest crafted silver in the world the last section of the museum is house in Diwan-i-Am or hall of public audience. It's delicatly printed walls mounts the immence mediable Afgan carpets as well as translation in Sanskrit and Arabic ancient astronomical treaties.the whole city palace has still been well preserved its past grandevour in its intricrately carved pillors and painted walls, delicate cherdeliars and other royal livery that gives tourist a good taste spledour of its royal past.
Jantar Mantar, Jaipur Travel Packages
Next to city palace is situated the royal astronomical observatory. It was build by Raja Jai Singh inbetween 1728 - 34. It consites of 18 different instrument that determine the position and moment of the statrs,solar and luner eclipses, equinox time and day, hindu calander and etc. The various elements are calculated on the basis of shadow of the sun following on these instruments.

Apart from being a beautiful park this garden also houses a few notable institution, the most important building is Albert hall its architecture is very close to British Style and has a display of Mineture paintings and other artifacts. The most notable display is that of a tiny clay Sadhu demontrating yoga postures.Inside the garden there is a museum of Indology it display the unique collection that include the map of India painted on a grain of rice, letters written on hair, a glass bed, Manuscripts, stamps, coins,and the largest collection of tantric art in the world plus a gallary of modern art.

Its walled complex built by Jai Singh II, it houses the regal marble chatries as memorial to the kings and his successors infact one room is already set aside as future memorial to the present kings.

Amber Fort, Jaipur TourismNAHARGARH
It is set on the edge of the hill north east of Jaipur it was built by Jai Singh II in 1734 as a retreat for his queen.The fort contains identical apartments constructed symetrically . This bear the traces of painting and windows have still retained their beautiful stained glass panels.

Places around Jaipur -

11km north of Jaipur on the top of the hill behind Maota lake.Amer was the capital of Kushwah Rajput from 1037 till 1728.It is the fortified palace complex with beautiful carvings,murals and artifacts of mirrors. Tourist can enter the palace through the windory road up the hill by riding on an elephants also.The complex houses the imposing hall of of public audience (Diwan-e-Am), private chember of king and queen, and a number of others palaces added by various kings. The complex also holds temple dedicated to the goddess of the war Shila Devi.

This fort was built in 1600 and displays a largest cannon in Asia which need 100kg of gun powder for one shot and have target of range 35 km.However it has only been testfired once and never participated in any battle.The fort also has small museum displaying some artillary,old maps,stamps and photographs.

16km from south of Jaipur.It is the busiest art centre.Apart from traditional Rajasthani tie and died clothes and block prints.One can also visit for the famous blue pottery in the town also has few Jain temples.

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