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-| Indian Music and Dance | -

Music, India Travel GuideIn Indian music and dance India can legitimately be proud of her past, a tradition dating back to the days of the 'vdas'. To an extant, it is established now that Indian Music had ts origin in the Vedas where it found its moorings. Though classical music in Indiadiffers from region to region, there is an underlying currentof unity.


The music researchers have concluded that raga, as a concept and practice, matured by the fifth century A.D. if one digs in the past, one would find that it was in the Sama Veda, the seeds of raga were sown, as this was chanted in a descending manners with full seven notes.Talas are rhythmic cycles. They have a universal unity. Indian music has got the most complicated variety of tala structure in the world. Khyala, with the persian origin of the world is a classical form of singing.

There are many singers hailing from different 'gharanas' Ghazals,now very popular, are more famous for their erotic content. Mirza Ghalib was the father of this tyal and his philosophy was wine and women. Thumri is another light from of India music and often bordering on the vulgarly sensuos subjects. Tarana is a composition which does not use meaningful words. At the same time, folk songs from particular area reflect the cultural and traditional values withvery deep meanings at times.


Veena,gotuvadhyam,thavil, mridangam,and the plain drum are some of the ancient instruments of music in India.The sitar and the tabla were late comers. The sitar appears to have infiltrated from persia and has assumed great popularity. The handling of these instrument depends up on the ingenuity and dexterity of the player. The flute and the nadaswaram as also the sehnai are wind instruments.

The drums varieties are percussion instruments. The voilin, a tottaly western instrument has also has been indianised and has become popular. In the north, has been vogue for centuries. Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan,Amjad Ali Khan,Ustad Bismillah Khan, Zakir Hussain and Hari Prasad Chaurasia, etc are few of the world fame artist famous for palying different instruments.

Dance, India Travel VacationsRavi Shankar had rubbed his shoulders with the beatles. Bismilla Khan's Sehnai, Hari Prasad's melodious flute and Zakir Hussain's table playing-one has to listen to it to belive it! Prof.L.Subramanyam has earned the fame by playing violin and creating fusion with the western artists.


Dance in India is a rhythm. Eyes, faces, hads and feet move to varying moods, reflecting idiom of the perfection of an ancient art. There are various classical and folk dances from all different parts of Indian subcontinent.

Bharat Natyam

Bharat Natyam is poetry in motion. It is a highly traditional and stylized dance from Dating back to 4000 B.C. this has been immortalized in successive genration inNorth India, narrated stories from epics. Its present form was evolved by the Tanjore quartet. Earlier as practised by Devdasis of the south Indian temples, its went into disrupt. It was Rukmini Devi who give it a new life and respectability.


Kathak has its root in katha-story. A band of story tellers who were attched to temples in North India, narrated stories from epics.from epice. Later, they added mime and gusture to their recitation Its evolution came in Kathak, India Travel Packages16th century when Radha Krishna legend got popular. Then later on after Muslims invasion, this was taken from temples to the courts. While Jaipur gave predominanceto pure dance, the Lucknow one drifted into erotics.

Banaras also stuk to pure dance but it provide for these sensuous aspect by delineating episodes from the Radha-Krishna legends. The Kathak dance gaes through a regular format mostly concentrating on rhythm variously.


Kathakali is the most refined, the most scientific and elaborately defined dance from Kerala. The current from is not more then 300 years old, but its root can be traced back father past. The stories are selected from epics and mythologious and are writen in highly sanskritised verse from in Malayalam (the language from Kerala).

The domain of Kathakali is peopled by superhumans, demons and gods, and animal who are presented in a larger than life format. What striked the spactators first and most is the solendour of costumes ,ornaments, and facial make-up which transform the actro-dancer into a type rather than a particular character, and that can be identified by his colour viz. green-painted face stands for nobility, honour, etc while the red just opposite.


Mohiniattam, India Travel GuideKuchipudi is a dance drama from Andhra Pardesh. Execpt that the emphasis s on the animation, it is akin to Bharat Natyam.


Manipuri dance is actually intricately woven in the pattern of life among Manipuris-the North Eastern state of India. Costumes are colourful and the music has a quaint old -world charm. Drums play a very important role.


Mohiniattam is also the heir to Devdasi dance heritage like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and odissi. The world 'Mohini' actually means a maiden who exerts desire or steal the heart of the onlooker. The movements are gracefu and costumes sober and attractive.

Odissi is based on Shastra and grace is its uniqueness.

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