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Jain Temple, India Travel VacationsIndia is packed with beautiful things to buy. One may see the beautiful items all over the country.


It may not surprise you that India produces and exports more handicraft than Iran, but it probably is more of the surprise that most of the carpets are the best in the world.  

In Kashmir, where India's best carpets are produced, the carpet-making techniques and styles were brought from Persia even before the Mughals era. The art flourished under the Mughals and today Kashmir, Varanasi and Rajasthan are packed with small carpet producers.

Paper Mache
This is probably the most characteristic Kashmir craft. The basic papier-mâché article is made in a mold, then painted and polished in successive layers until the final intricate design is produced. Prices depend upon the complexity and quality of the painted design and the amount of the gold leaf used. Items include bowls, cups, containers, jewelry boxes, letter holder, tables, lamps, coasters, trays and so on.

In Rajasthan, interesting white-glazed pottery is made with hand-painted blue-flower design- it is attractively simple. Terra-cotta images of the gods and the children's toy are made in Bihar.

Copper and brass items are popular throughout India. Candle holders, trays, bowls, tankards and ashtrays are made in Mumbai and other centers. In Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, the brass is inlaid with exquisite designs in red, green and blue enamel.

Many Indian women put most of their wealth into jewelry,so it is no wonder that so much of it is available. For tourist taste the heavy folk-art jewelry of Rajasthan has particular appeal. You will find it all over the country, but particularly in Rajasthan. In the north you will also find Tibetan jewelry.
Textile, India Travel Packages
Of course Indian leather-work is not made from cow skin but from buffalo, camel, goat hide or some other substitute. In craft shops you can find well made leather bags, handbags and other items.

India has the major textile industries. There is amazing variety of cloth styles, types and techniques around the country. The popular items to buy in India are like cotton tablecloths, cushion covers or material for cloths, Nehru cap and jackets, embroidered with mirror-work dresses and wall hangings.

Silk is cheap to buy in India and the quality is often excellent. The 'Silk Capital' these days is in Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu State, although Varanasi is also very popular place to buy silk stuffs.

Bronze Figures
In the south, the age-old lost-wax process makes delightful small images of the gods. A wax figure is made, a mold is formed around it and the wax is melted and poured out. The molted melt is poured in and when it's solidified the mold is broken open. Figures of Shiva as dancing Natraj are amongst the most popular.  

Woodcarving, India Travel VacationsWoodcarving
India is a popular place for wood carved items out of Sandalwood; Rosewood is used to carve animals-elephants in particular. In Kashmir intricately carved wooden screens, tables, jewelry boxes and tray are carved from Indian walnut.  

Reproductions of the beautiful old miniatures are painted in many places.

Articles over 100 year old are not allowed to be exported from India without an export clearance certificate.

Other Thing To Buy

Marble inlay pieces from Agra are pleasant reminder of beauty of the Taj. They come as either simple little pieces or larger items like jewelry boxes. Indian musical instruments and Indian music tapes always have an attraction for the tourist. .

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