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-| Kushinagar | -

Location: District Deoria (Uttar Pradesh) - Long 26º 24' E, 83º 55' N
Kushinagar Travel Packages
Kushinagar is a revered place of Buddhist pilgrimage 55 kms. away from Gorakhpur. The ancient name of this place was Kasia that was the capital of Malla tribe. In the suburb of Kasia, Lord Buddha attained parinirvana and his corporal remains were cremated. The site of Lord Buddha's death was one of the four principal centres of Buddhist pilgrimage. The buddhist establishment known as Mahapari-Nirvana Vihar was clustered around the main nirvana stupa. The nucleus of which could go back to the Mauryan king Ashoka, fronted by a temple which a large figure of reclining Buddha, the figure of devotees bearing an inscription in Gupta brahmi of 4th century AD. The stupa and the temple were brought to light in 1880. The centre of the stupa contained a copper plate placed on the mouth of a relic casket in the form of a copper vessel with charcoal , cowries, precious stones and a gold coin of Kumar Gupta I. The copper plate was engraved with saying that it had been placed by a devotee in the Nirvana chaitya.

The whole area was studded with archaeological remains, of which eight monasteries, belonging to different periods, with the usual plan have been unearthed. The establishment continued to be in occupation from 1st century to 10th century AD. A chapel or shrine not far from the complex, forming a part of monastery has an image of Lord Buddha in green schist stone with an inscription of a local Kalchauri chief. Over a distance of a km. to the east of the site, there lies a large brick stupa, believed to have been erected over the site of Buddha's cremation. Kushinagar is one of the eight places of Buddhist pilgrimage and is visited by Buddhist from all over the world.

A temple dedicated to the event Mahaparinirvana, today stands amidst a serene Sal grove attesting the testimony of Buddhist literature as if still reminiscing the great demise. The whole of Kushinagar, since the Mahaparinirvana of Lord Buddha, was turned into a memorial site with stupas including the relic stupas - Mukuthandhama and Gupta period chaitya and vihara built by the devout kings. The chinese traveller Fa-Hien, Hiuen Tsang and I -sing visited Kushinagar during different centuries and recorded a graphic account of the place which later fell to bad times due to lack of patronage.

The visiting site of Kushinagar falls into three categories – Mahaparinirvana temple commemorating the place of the great decease with a reclining statue of Lord Buddha. Mala Kunvar shrine containing a 10th century blue schist image of Buddha. Ramabhar stupas which is probably the spot where Lord Buddha was cremated and his relics were divided into eight equal parts.

Apart from this, a Chinese temple, a Buddhist temple, a Tibetian temple and Indo, Japan and Srilanka Buddhist centres hold significant religious value for Buddhist pilgrims.

Kushinagar - Buddhist, Archaeology in India
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